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2004 Lexus ES300 Review, Greg Dixon

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ES 330

 Model of the car:ES 330
 General comments:OK, I didn't buy the car...yet. My wife is going to go back to the dealership and get the thing tomorrow (the same wife that wanted a Lincoln LS...yuck!!). I drove the ES 330 this morning and was not impressed in the least. I will admit that the motor and transmission are both very good and work well together. However, the horsepower should be higher and other detractions cannot be ignored at this price. The suspension is spongy, it soaks up the first bump well but cannot handle multiple road corduroy. I know this car is for luxury and not sport handling, but there has to be a better compromise than this. Does the word land yacht ring a bell? The thing reminded me of my parent's old Buick. The seats are comfortable but other sedans that I have drive offer seats that are every bit as good for $10K less. The amenities on our test model didn't have heated seats and the ergonomics weren't up to the level of the Honda Accord. You get the picture. The bottom line is that this ES 330 does not provide much bang for the buck. It looks like and drives like what it is, a tarted up Toyota Camry. But for those out there that are satisfied to have Lexus written across their car, this one will do as well as any I suppose.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Spongy suspension. Lighweight doors do not convey an expensive feeling. Not much bang for the buck.
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Review 2004 Lexus ES300 Greg Dixon
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