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2002 Lexus ES300 Review, Umox, From Oxford,MS USA

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 Model of the car:ES300
 General comments:The Lexus Bubble has Burst
My 2002 ES300 has had transmission problems from the time (Oct 2001) it was purchased.
The new 5 speed has a computer design flaw which of which every owner should be aware. If you are driving 40-45 mph and need to accelerate quickly, (for example merging or trying to move away from a 18 wheeler) the transmission disconnects from 5th or 4th but delays engaging 3rd gear. The engine revs to the red line, the computer cuts off gas at this point and you are sitting with no power until third finally engages.
I consider this a MAJOR SAFETY defect. I have demonstrated this to the dealer on several new cars on the lot and have seen other on line complaints for the same problem; it is a problem in all of these cars.
The responses from Lexus:
a. (Oct) you must be using the wrong gas
b. (Dec) you are at fault; the computer records your driving pattern and sets shift points accordingly
c. (Jan) The chief technician in Memphis rides with me, aknowleges the problem and we both send a written notice to Lexus
d. (Feb. March) Lexus is aware of the problem and is working to solve it,
e. (April) The new computer program must get EPA approval; it will take three months
f. (Now) No news, Now Lexus has not admiited there is a defect after all; Lexus complaint service consists of young people hired to read responses written for them and have no real knowledge of the car.
These respones mirror corporate America at its worst. Lexus is no better than any car company when there are problems.
If you own a 2002 ES300 check your transmission response under these conditions and drive in a way to avoid them.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:The transmission problem is fixable, but the failure of Lexus to honestly address the problem and deal with customers in a staightforward way has lowered my view of the Lexus
 Previous car:1992 Lexus ES300

Review 2002 Lexus ES300 Umox, From Oxford,MS USA
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