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2001 Lexus ES300 Review, Curt Robbins, From Stow, Ohio

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ES300 Lexus

 Model of the car:ES300 Lexus
 General comments:The Lexus ES300 is an excellent value. It is incredibly reliable, like most Toyotas. Despite popular chat from auto enthusiasts and armchair "experts" who merely monkey what they have read or heard, this is not a Camry in a different body. Biggest complaint is cruise control losing memory below 20 MPH. Toyota drivers will be acclimated to this; drivers of other cars who depend on or use cruise control frequently will be frustrated. Considering this is the biggest complaint, it is a wonderful car. If this is the nicest car you've owned, you'll feel like you have arrived. If you want a sports sedan, this ISN'T your car. The ES300 has good pickup and takes freeway onramps with muscle, but it isn't a sports car. The handling is too cushy, the steering too loose, and the horsepower too low for a sports car. This car achieves its goal very well. If you want a sports sedan, look into an Audi S4 or nicer BMW 3 Series.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:-- cruise control loses memory below 20 MPH (subtle but very frustrating)-- lack of in dash CD (6 changer in glove box)-- awkward placement of cupholders in center console
 Previous car:-- Lincoln LS is sportier, more expensive, lacks refinement and dependability of any Lexus-- Volvo S80 (but 2001 model has significant reliability problems)-- Acura 3.2 TL (styling not as attractive, IMO)-- Audi A6 (I wanted the Audi, my wife preferred th

Review 2001 Lexus ES300 Curt Robbins, From Stow, Ohio
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