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Pitts family's '02 Lexus ES300 up for grabs on eBay!
...Washington, Jan 4(ANI): A '02 Lexus ES300 is up for grabs. But before you dismiss it as just another car, hold on! It's Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt's family vehicle. Pitt's parents, Bill and Jane Pitt, are selling their personal favourite that they drove for the last four years. So, all fans have...

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Lexus ES 300C Coach Edition from the Leo in Wichita
This is the perfect car for the combination sports car buff and family man. It will scream up the entrance ramp to the highway or be as nice as pie when you take your family out to dinner Sunday afternoon. The engine seems to be tireless and eager to...

1992 Lexus ES300 from the Joyce Howe
My Lexus was the last large purchase that my late husband & I made. Now that I'm the lone driver & needing a dependable car I know we couldn't have made a better choice.
It was only last month that I had the timing belts replaced...

LEXUS S330 from the lizzydoc
There are definite frustrating transmission problems with the driving of this car. Jerking, long changing of gears, etc. There is some computer malfunction, I am told. While the agency repair people are sympathetic, they say these problems are inherent...

ES300 HistoryThe Lexus ES series is a family of mid-size sedans produced by the Lexus division of Toyota from 1989 to the present and built in Tsutsumi, Japan. The series has always been built off of the Toyota Camry platform and features a V6 engine and automatic transmission. For long, it had been Lexus's entry-level car, competing with the Infiniti G20, I30 and Acura TL, until the arrival of the Lexus IS in 2001. The Camry and ES do generally not directly compete, as the ES offers a more upscale ride, more elegant styling, and more luxury features. The ES 250 was built from August 30, 1989 until July 5, 1991. The first ES 300 was built on September 9, 1991 as a 1992 model. From the second generation onwards, the ES was sold in Japan as the Toyota Windom. The fifth-generation ES 350 was unveiled in the spring of 2006 as a 2007 model, and is a major redesign.

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